When you log in to the company portal, you have two options;


We always recommend that you:
    a. Click ‘Create An Account’
    b. Complete the ‘My Details’ section
    c. Then click ‘Apply’
When you apply for a job, after creating an account, the information you have in ‘My Details’ will pre-populate the application and there may only be a small amount of additional information that you need to complete. If you experience an issue with your application, either while creating your Account or once you have created your Account and you click to ‘Apply,’ you should not have lost any of the information. You should be able to log back in to your Account, click on ‘Apply’ and then click to 'Continue with Application.’


If you don't click to ‘Create An Account’ but go straight to ‘Apply’ and subsequently experience an issue with your application, then you have most likely lost the details on your application.
Please find below some suggestions that may assist when you are completing your application online:
  • When entering details in the ‘Duties and Responsibilities’ and ‘Reason for Leaving’ fields on the Employment History screen, please ensure there are no non-alphanumeric characters (i.e. brackets, forward slashes, bullet points, etc).
  • In addition, reducing the length of your response in both the ‘Duties and Responsibilities’ and ‘Reason for Leaving’ fields may assist.
  • If you are uploading your resume, please ensure that it is either Word or PDF format and under 1 megabyte in size.
  • If you are uploading qualifications, please ensure that they are either Word or PDF format and under 3 megabytes in size.
  • If you have a slow internet connection and are entering multiple qualifications, we suggest that you click on Save and Continue and go back to the Qualifications section after each qualification that you enter, rather than enter all of your qualifications and then click on Save and Continue.
  • In addition to this, if you are uploading a Word document, please check to make sure that it has not been saved as a Rich Text Format, as the system won't recognise this particular Word document type. If your document has indeed been saved as a Rich Text Format document, you will need to re-save another copy as a regular Word document (.doc) and then attempt to submit your online application again.
  • If you leave the page idle (waiting for input) for more than 30 minutes, the program may time-out.
  • Standard Software Requirements: Internet Explorer. You may experience difficulties using other Browsers.
  • Do not enter n/a in any fields. For example, if there is a section on Workers Compensation and this is not applicable to you, just leave all fields blank.
  • We recommend that you do not use any non-alphanumeric characters.
If you have any further queries or require our assistance, please contact us on 08 9226 2828 - select option 3.

General Registrations

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Title Job Code Classification Job Location Last Updated
Formwork Carpenter CIVGEN*009 Registration Various Projects 23/06/2017 Apply >
Senior Project Engineer SMP CIVGEN*006 Registration 4/08/2017 Apply >
Boilermaker – QLD Major Projects CIVGEN*016 Registration Amrun 26/05/2017 Apply >
Mobile Plant Operators – QLD Major Projects CIVGEN*019 Registration Amrun 26/05/2017 Apply >
HR/IR Advisor - Projects CIVGEN*026 Registration Amrun 24/07/2017 Apply >
Dual Steel Fixer / Concreter CIVMP003 Registration Moore Park 11/05/2017 Apply >
Defence Opportunities | Expressions of Interest CIVGEN*034 Registration 19/06/2017 Apply >
Contracts Administrator CIVN00226 Registration Sydney CBD 7/07/2017 Apply >
Concreter CIVMP015 Concreter Sydney CBD 29/07/2017 Apply >

Current Opportunities

To sort the list of jobs click each column heading.

Title Job Code Classification Job Location Last Updated
Storeperson CIVAMR050 Registration Amrun 15/08/2017 Apply >
Concreter CIV1*WP180 Registration 4/04/2017 Apply >
Carpenter CIV*WP180 Registration Woodman Point 4/04/2017 Apply >
Precast Project Manager CIVGRA005 Registration Grafton NSW 14/08/2017 Apply >
Concreter | Newcastle CIVGENNSW*025 Concreter Tomago, NSW 26/06/2017 Apply >
Carpenter | Newcastle CIVGENNSW*026 Carpenter Tomago, NSW 26/06/2017 Apply >
Planner CIVGRU017 Registration Gruyere Gold Roads 15/06/2017 Apply >
Commercial Project Staff CIVGEN*039 Registration Various Projects 23/06/2017 Apply >
Civil Project Engineer CIVMP010 Engineer Civil Moore Park 3/07/2017 Apply >
Yard Labourer | Darwin (Local) CIVDOLB015 Labourer DOLB Yard 16/08/2017 Apply >
Business Systems Analyst CIVHENC072 Registration Henderson Corporate 11/07/2017 Apply >
Project Manager - Wind Power CIVHENC074 Manager Project Henderson Corporate 14/07/2017 Apply >
Senior Project Engineer - SMP CIVALT019 Registration 17/07/2017 Apply >
Project Administrator CIVCBD002 Registration Sydney CBD 19/07/2017 Apply >
Painter Blasters | Henderson CIVGEN239 Registration Henderson (Workshop) 21/07/2017 Apply >
HSE Advisor CIVTOM069 HSE Advisor Tomago, NSW 21/08/2017 Apply >
Concreters | FIFO Positions CIVGEN240 Concreter Gruyere Gold Roads 27/07/2017 Apply >
Carpenters (Formwork) | FIFO Positions CIVGEN241 Carpenter Gruyere Gold Roads 27/07/2017 Apply >
Steel Fixers | FIFO Positions CIVGEN242 Steel Fixer Gruyere Gold Roads 27/07/2017 Apply >
Supervisor Structures CIVN00229 Registration Baulkham Hills, NSW 27/07/2017 Apply >
Expeditor CIVHENC085 Expeditor Henderson (Workshop) 27/07/2017 Apply >
Project Engineer x3 CIVHENC087 Registration Henderson (Workshop) 28/07/2017 Apply >
Project Manager - Fabrication CIVHENC084 Manager Project Henderson (Workshop) 28/07/2017 Apply >
Recruitment Administrator CIVHENC*043 Human Resources Administrator Henderson (Workshop) 3/08/2017 Apply >
Recruitment Advisor CIVHENC*042 Recruitment Officer Henderson (Workshop) 3/08/2017 Apply >
Contracts Administrator CIVHENC066 Registration Henderson (Workshop) 10/08/2017 Apply >
Cost Controller CIVHENC090 Registration Henderson Corporate 3/08/2017 Apply >
Carpenter (Formworker) CIVJEM0015 Registration Jemena 4/08/2017 Apply >
Concreter CIVJEM0017 Registration Jemena 4/08/2017 Apply >
Steel Fixer CIVJEM0016 Registration Jemena 4/08/2017 Apply >
Painter Blaster | Darwin (Local) CIVDOLB021 Painter/Blaster Level 3 DOLB Yard 10/08/2017 Apply >
Trade Skills Mentor CIVTOM074 Registration Tomago, NSW 10/08/2017 Apply >
Carpenter CIVN00233 Registration Baulkham Hills, NSW 14/08/2017 Apply >
Electrical Estimator CIVHENC092 Estimator Henderson Corporate 14/08/2017 Apply >
Mechanical Fitter CIVAMR042 Mechanical Fitter Amrun 21/08/2017 Apply >
Formwork Carpenters | Concreters | Steel Fixers CIVORA016 Carpenter Orange 16/08/2017 Apply >
Civil Estimator CIVHENC097 Estimator Henderson Corporate 17/08/2017 Apply >
Civil Supervisor CIVGRU036 Registration Gruyere Gold Roads 18/08/2017 Apply >
HSE Advisor CIVHENC098 Registration Henderson (Workshop) 22/08/2017 Apply >
48 positions listed